3 Key Features of Xilisoft DVD Creator for Mac

Xilisoft DVD Creator for Mac is a program for Mac computers. It can be used to make videos into a format you can use to create DVDs to be played on other media such as computers and DVD players. Here are three key features of this program:

1. Works on Multiple Video File Formats

The Xilisoft DVD Creator for Mac works with many file formats, including AVI, .MPEG, .WMV, .ASF, .DV, .DivX, .XviD, .VOB and lots more video formats. It can also make an ISO file or DVD folder of your new movie files.

2. Personalizes Videos with Special Added Features

DVD Creator for Mac also helps you make your video more personal by adding special effects like the ones on real DVD movies. You can make a menu, create a video clip, adjust the video or soundtracks, or add subtitles just like a real movie on a DVD you buy.

3. Plays in Regular Players or Computers

You don’t have to worry about your finished product not being compatible, as the resulting DVD will play in computers or in regular DVD players. The program is compatible with multiple devices.

If you need to make some DVD movies of your favorite video and have a Mac computer, then the Xilisosoft DVD Creator for Mac is just the thing for you.