3 Key Features of Extreme Movie Manager

Extreme Movie Manager, as the name suggests, is a software package that allows you to manage all video formats, movies and television shows in one place. You can do all this using your hard disk USB device, Blu-ray discs or other media. Some of the key features of this product are discussed below.

1. Cataloging

This feature in the Extreme Movie Manager allows you to categorize your ripped-movies with a simple procedure of scanning your hard drive. Therefore, all you really need to do is scan all your folders and add the files. This is done automatically while you import the rest of the data from the Internet. You can even play the movies on the movie manager.

2. Internal Web Browsing

This allows you to browse the net through the internal web-browser. You simply browse websites and with just a click, you can add all the movies you want. You can choose updated movies instantly or later through the batch import tool.

3. Exporting and Importing Files

The Extreme Movie Manager allows you to export files in a number of different formats like XHTML-DBB, HTML, Txt, Excel, Pdf, XML and NFO. You can do this using both the older and newer tools to experiment exporting in different formats. If you were using a different manager before, or are still using other managers, you can combine all your collections here by importing from the other managers. It supports most of the common manager applications and software.