3 Key Features of BlazeVideo HDTV Player

BlazeVideo HDTV Player is an easy to use digital television player. If you have a tuner built into your computer, BlazeVideo HDTV Player can scan both analog and high definition channels for you so you can view them on your computer. BlazeVideo HDTV Player also serves as a DVD player, video converter and popular media file player. BlazeVideo HDTV Player is compatible with Windows operating systems only. There is both a standard version and a professional version of BlazeVideo HDTV Player available. This guideline will provide you with three key features of BlazeVideo HDTV Player.

1. Recording Videos and Live DTV

One of the best features of BlazeVideo HDTV Player is the ability of the program to record both videos and live DTV. If you are watching a DVD or other video file on your computer, BlazeVideo HDTV Player can record the entire movie for you. You can also record specific segments of a DVD or video file using BlazeVideo HDTV Player. BlazeVideo HDTV Player can also record live digital television as you are watching it. If you know you are going to miss one of your favorite television shows, you can schedule BlazeVideo HDTV Player to record the show and save it to your hard drive for you, as well. BlazeVideo HDTV Player saves all video files in MPEG format and all audio files in MP3 format.

2. Video and Audio Quality

There is no point in using BlazeVideo HDTV Player unless the video and audio quality is similar to what you would expect from a television. Simply put, watching digital television on your computer using BlazeVideo HDTV Player would be the same as watching your actual television in terms of quality. BlazeVideo HDTV Player comes with several features that will enhance the quality of what you are watching, such as video hardware acceleration and multiple aspect ratios. BlazeVideo HDTV Player comes with an enhanced equalizer and audio effects, which means the audio quality you receive will blow you away. BlazeVideo HDTV Player supports 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 Dolby Digital channel outputs, which enables you to enjoy surround sound audio from the convenience of your computer.

3. Image Capture

Have you ever wanted to take a picture of a scene from the show you are watching on television? BlazeVideo HDTV Player allows you to do that. The image capture tool that comes standaed with BlazeVideo HDTV Player can take still images from both live television and DVD movies. BlazeVideo HDTV Player will save your image in a popular file format, such as JPEG, GIF or PNG. If you take multiple pictures of the same scene, BlazeVideo HDTV Player allows you to preview them before saving them so you can pick the best picture out and discard the rest. You can then easily transfer your captured images to your portable device if you choose to do so.