3 Great Features of iSkySoft iTube Studio

The iSkySoft iTube Studio software program for Macintsoh computers gives you a way to download and save the files that you love on YouTube to your computer. After this is done, it helps you make them into a file format your digital device uses, so you can play it on an iPod, iPad or other device. Here are some features the program exhibits:

1. View, Store and Convert Online Videos

Using the iSkySoft program, you can go to a site like YouTube or another video online site and download a video you like. Then, using the key features of the program, you can copy it and turn it into something you can watch anytime you want on your iPod or other digital device. You can also email it to friends or family members for them to enjoy.

2. Upload Straight to the Internet

You don’t have to just download and view a file from YouTube; the iSkySoft program lets you put your own videos straight to YouTube so you can join the community. You can do this from your computer, iPod, iPhone or other digital supported gear.

3. Get New Upgrades

You don't want to go to the store to get future updates of a computer program. No need to worry with the iSkySoft program, as you can check online and download any new features or additions to the program fast and easy.