3 File Formats Using Sorenson 3

The Sorenson 3 video codec can be used to play back various videos played in Quicktime. The Sorenson codec is used when playing back a number of different video file formats. There are many codecs on your computer, these tell your computer how to read and decode the videos.

In order to play back videos on your computer it is essential that you have the Sorenson 3 video codec. If this is not working correctly then you can uninstall and reinstall flash player which will also install the codec.

1. SWF

The Sorenson 3 codec is used to play back videos in the SWF format. This codec is used for both version 7 and 8 of SWF files. The codec is also used to decode high definition videos which are played from the Internet.

2. QTV

When playing back Quicktime Videos (QTV) on your computer the software will use the Sorenson codec to decode the video. Quicktime and Flash have used the Sorenson codec since the first version.

3. FLV

The FLV format is one of the most popular on the Internet. FLV is used by virtually every single video sharing website on the Internet. When your computer is decoding these videos it will need to use the Sorenson codec.