3 Encoding Features for Scenarist

Scenarist is a professional Blu-ray disc production program that is made by Roxio. You will find Scenarist in the Sonic Professional Products line that is made by Roxio. Scenarist is capable of both creating and encoding DVDs and Blu-ray discs. The quality that Scenarist produces is so good that Scenarist is used to create many blockbuster films. This guideline will go over a few encoding features that are standard on Scenarist, such as CineVision, HD codec support and advanced segment encoding.

1. CineVision

Sonic CineVision is included with Scenarist. If you are not familiar with CineVision, CineVision is a professional Blu-ray disc encoder. As a matter of fact, many top authoring facilities use CineVision to create commercial Blu-ray discs. CineVision is available for sale as a stand alone program, so you are experience huge savings by purchasing Scenarist.

2. HD Codec Support

One of the best features of Sonic CineVision is the comprehensive HD codec support that it provides. Popular codecs that are included with Scenarist include MPEG-2, BD: AVC (H.264), and VC-1. In the event that you are using Scenarist to encode standard high definition DVDs, Scenarist also encodes SD.

3. Advanced Segment Encoding

If you are not happy with how a certain aspect of your Blu-ray disc or DVD was encoded, that is no problem with Scenarist. CineVision allows you to enhance specific encoded segments without having to encode the entire disc from scratch. CineVision also allows you to creare multiple versions of a specific segment so that you can compare the quality of them at a later time.