3 Cool Features of Media Maker

Media Maker is a software package with a great set of digital media application tools. This allows everyone to easily create video and audio files. You can share music, create backups, and modify and play all your files. Some of the coolest features of this application are discussed below.

1. Video

The application boasts of a home video maker that comes with a full set of DVD authoring and editing tools. It is great for creating presentations and DVD movies with digital camcorders and cameras. It also supports most formats of video files and hence you can import any type of video file to your PC.
You can copy, write or rewrite video files into the Video_Ts folder onto a DVD. Then, you can enjoy high quality video and Dolby audio through the Digital Flix feature.

2. Music Tools

Customizing your DVD with tools like the album cover art, title song and artist selection for every song can be amusing. Another amazing feature is the auto-answer mode for common questions related to the singer, name of the song, the album that featured the song and others. If you're tired of constantly changing the volumes for different songs in an album, the media maker changes this with the normalization tool. Also, you can use the Crossfade to fade out and back into another song, just like a professional DJ.

3. Information or Data

Media Maker has burning software that can burn multiple copies of a single CD in minutes. If you are afraid of losing your information, then you can use the NTI Backup tool. It has a file/folder backup and data compression. The Data Disc tool will tell you the number of discs you will need to complete burning. All you need to do is select the file and drag and drop it onto the Data Disc.