2 Key Features of Xilisoft DVD Copy for Mac

Xilisoft DVD Copy for Mac is a software program that is used to backup as well as share all the DVD videos that you have on your computer. Here are its key features.

1. Creates Videos in Several Formats

Using the Xilisoft DVD Copy for Mac, you can make a DVD movie in the 1:1 ratio or make a copy of a DVD-5 or DVD-9 file. You can also save files as a DVD disc, as a folder or as an ISO file. The program can also make copies or clone DVD movies with no loss in the quality of either the sound or the picture from the original video. Plus, all the videos you make with this program are free of any changes to the original and have no distortion. The program can copy any DVD no matter what country code it was made with. For instance, if the DVD was originally the European standard of PAL, you can still copy it and it will be changed into a format that can be played in the U.S. automatically.

2. Enables You to Choose What to Copy and Save

You aren’t restricted to making just a straight copy of the original DVD movie you want to copy. If you want to use only a small portion of the movie, you can choose to pull off parts of it, such as just the main movie, just the extra clips, just the soundtrack or anything else on the disc. Just pick what you want and copy it.