1Click DVD Copy Pro: Key Features

1Click DVD Copy Pro is one of the easiest to use software packages which can be used to copy DVD movies. This simplifies the process of copying the video files onto a blank DVD, which makes backing up your movies very simple. The software uses the latest technology, which makes it possible to ensure success.

Selective Copying

Almost all movie DVDs that are brought from reputable stores will be dual layer disks; this means that they can store over 8 GB of data on them. However, most recordable DVDs that people use are single layer, which means that they can store half of the content compared to a dual layer disk.

It's easy to select exactly what you want to copy. You can copy the feature film, or the extras, or both. It's also easy to adjust the compression to adjust the quality and squeeze more on a disk.


1Click DVD Copy Pro is compatible with all versions of Windows after 98, including Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It can be used with NTSC and PAL DVD DVDs.


The name of the software says it all. Copying a DVD is simply a matter of putting the disk in the drive and then clicking on the Start button. There is also a user guide and technical support if required.