123 Copy DVD

123 Copy DVD makes it extremely simple to copy DVD discs. This provides many people with an easy way to back up software and movie disks so that they can keep them for much longer. This is one of the most important and common uses of the software package.


123 Copy DVD is one of the easiest to use pieces of software for copying DVDs. It's simply a matter or putting the disk in the drive and clicking a few buttons to follow instructions and copy the DVD onto a blank disk. This is an easy way of protecting your delicate optical disks from damage.

Copy DVD

The software can be used to copy DVD movies to a new disk or to your hard drive. This makes it very simple to create digital copies of your movies on your computer which you can then enjoy without needing to find the disk. Its easy to create video files out of a DVD.

Create DVD

123 Copy DVD can also be used to create DVDs. This makes it possible to turn videos which were downloaded from the Internet into DVD movies which can be played in a standard DVD player. The software can also download videos from YouTube, Google Video and many other video sharing websites.

Mobile Phones

It's also possible to convert the DVDs so that they can be played on a mobile phone or portable media player. This is a very quick and easy way of watching films when you're on the move.