123 Copy DVD Gold: Key Features

Before you can buy 123 Copy DVD Gold, you will need to take a look at the features that the software provides. These features make it extremely easy to copy DVDs to another disk or to your hard drive.

Creating DVDs

123 Copy DVD Gold isn't just suitable for people who want to copy DVDs. It is also a very good way of creating DVDs from other sources. If you have downloaded video from the Internet or from your Tivo recorder, then this software provides a very quick way to get it onto a DVD disk which can then be played in DVD players (or anything else which supports DVD). This is a very useful way to archive recorded television shows so that they can be enjoyed again.

Conversion for Other Devices

Instead of simply copying the DVD to a new disc, it's also possible to copy and convert the video to make it suitable for playback on an MP4 player, tablet computer or pocket PC. It's even possible to convert the videos so that they can be played back on Blackberry or other phones.

Copying DVDs

The DVD can be copied to DVD disks or your hard drive. The disks supported include single and dual layer DVD-R. This makes it very easy to find discs which can be used with 123 DVD Copy Gold.

Video Editor

The software package also features a very capable video editor. This makes it possible to touch up and remove various parts of the video. It also makes it possible to cut the video so it will fit on the disk.