When to Forego Digital Camera Repair and Buy a New One

When a car is involved in an accident and it costs more to repair it than it's value is worth, the car is considered totaled and will be sold off to a junk yard. You should look at digital camera repair in the same way. If the cost of buying a new camera is less than the cost of repairing an old one, then you should forego the repairs and buy a new one.

Buying a New Camera

Although this is a simple rule to follow, it is sometimes ignored. People will irrationally try to get the camera fixed despite the expense because they've either had it for awhile and have formed some sort of attachment to it, or they do not want to have to "learn" another camera's functions.

This is unwise because a new camera is likely to be more advanced than the older one. At the very least, it should be capable of taking pictures at a higher mega pixel resolution. The fact that a new camera is more advanced is another factor that makes buying a new digital camera a more cost effective option over fixing a broken one. It is also worth noting that digital cameras have dropped down in price recently because the older CCD image sensors are being replaced with cheaper ones to produce CMOS chips.

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