Underwater Digital Camera: How to Maintain a Waterproof Seal

Buying a consumer underwater digital camera means you probably can't get too deep. So, how do the professionals do it? They buy under water camera housing to turn their professional cameras into underwater machines. These housings need to be specifically designed for your camera in order to function properly. This is so your lens is unobstructed and your buttons are still accessible. They're made out of clear materials, so that you can see everything going on with your camera.

Caring for a Waterproof Seal

It is very important that you take very good care of your housing unit. Although they are made out of durable materials, you should still treat them like they're as fragile as an egg. The slightest crack will allow water to rush into it, and your camera will be destroyed in that event. Transport your housing in a case that will protect it from any unexpected impact. When it's not in use, store it in a safe place where you know it won't be damaged.

Always take extra precautions when applying the housing to the camera and while taking it off. These times are when the water proof seals are most likely to be damaged. Most housing units create seals through a cam lock system. If these seals are ruined, you are best off not taking your chances and should buy a new one. Remember, your camera is an investment; protect it like one.

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