Underwater Digital Camera: How to Do a Quick Waterproof Test

For underwater photography, it is important to ensure that your digital camera is actually an underwater digital camera. Not only will you lose a valuable piece of equipment, you may also lose all that is saved on the digital camera. Follow the steps below in order to find out if you are ready to take your camera underwater.

Check the Case

If you bought a case to go along with your digital camera, test this first before you put your camera into the case. You must first submerse the case into a small amount of water to make sure you have a tight seal. In order to do this, fill a bowl or sink with a small amount of water. It should be just enough to put the entire case into the water. Close the case and put it into the water. If you notice any air bubbles coming to the surface, water is getting into your case.

Read the Specifications

Many cameras will tell you how deep the camera can go before it is no longer waterproof. Be sure to read these instructions before you decide to take your camera underwater. Test the camera in a small amount of water, as instructed above, before you take it to deeper depths.

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