Troubleshooting a Digital Camera that Won't Power On

Troubleshooting a digital camera is easier than it may sound. If your digital camera won't power on, the guideline below offers a few troubleshooting tips that will hopefully resolve your issue. If none of the troubleshooting tips work, it is recommended that you inspect your digital camera for any visible damage and contact the manufacturer of your digital camera for additional information.

Rechargeable Batteries

If you are using rechargeable batteries and your digital camera will not power on, it is possible that your rechargeable batteries are not fully charged. You can remove the batteries from your digital camera and give them a full charge in their docking station, which typically takes about 6 hours.

Battery Terminals

If you have tried to place rechargeable batteries and/or alkaline batteries in your digital camera and neither work, the battery terminals may be dirty. Use a dry cloth to clean off the battery terminals before placing the batteries back into your digital camera.

Battery or SD Slot Covers

If the battery cover is not locked and/or if the SD slot cover is not secured, your digital camera will not power on. Check to make sure that both are closed with no dirt or objects obstructing the covers.

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