Troubleshoot a Faulty Shutter on a Digital Camera

There are times when you may experience problems with the shutter on a digital camera. But, before you go and blame the manufacturer for making a defective product, you should check to make sure you're not the one accidentally causing the problems with a special setting that you inadvertently set.

Long Shutter Mode

Does it feel like it takes forever for your shutter to fully click? And, then when you view the picture, it's all burry? That's because the camera has been set to long shutter mode. Long Shutter mode allows you to take photos in dark settings because it allows the light to pass through the lens and hit the image sensor longer. The downside is that while the image is exposing longer, any little bump on the camera will causes a blur.

Self Timer and Continuous Mode

If you hit the shutter button and nothing happens for a few seconds, then the camera could be in self timer mode. You can easily turn that off through the menu. Maybe you hit the shutter and it won't stop taking pictures. If that's the case, then the odds are good that you're set to continuous mode.

Default Settings

If you still can't figure out the problem, then revert the camera to it's default settings. You might lose your custom settings, but that should turn off whatever was causing your problem.

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