Shutter Release Button Repair on Digital Cameras Explained

If the shutter release button on your digital camera has been broken or lost, the best way to correct this problem is to order a new shutter release assembly. All you have to do is call the manufacturer of your digital camera and tell them what part you need.

Repairing the Shutter Release Button

If the shutter release assembly is still in your digital camera, take a look at the angle of the old assembly before removing it. This will help you line the new shutter release assembly up correctly. To remove the shutter release assembly, insert a rubber bottle opener into the assembly and turn counter clockwise. Using your finger, lift the assembly up as you pull with the bottle opener. Take a look in the slot to make sure there are no broken pieces floating around.

Your new shutter release assembly will have two little feet on the bottom. If you look in the slot on your digital camera, you will see two slots where the feet will go in. Line the new shutter release assembly up with the slots and use the rubber bottle opener to insert the new assembly. Pressing very slightly on the bottle opener, you will want to turn the opener clockwise until you feel the new assembly slide into place.

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