Quick Shutter Repair: How to Fix a Stuck Shutter for Digital Cameras

Unfortunately, the only real way to get a long lasting shutter repair is to have your camera professionally repaired. The cost for a shutter repair is often quite high, and may even cost more than your digital camera is even worth. To find out the cost of a professional repair, you can call the manufacturer of your digital camera for further instructions.

However, there is a quick at-home shutter repair that should work. The repair is often temporary, but may lost for a long time, depending upon the make and model of your digital camera and the extent of the damage to the shutter. To prevent the shutter from getting stuck on your digital camera in the future, try to use your digital camera more often.

The symptoms of a stuck shutter typically include the camera taking black pictures, or, if you are taking pictures with your digital camera outside, the pictures may be extremely bright and overexposed. To confirm that the shutter is actually stuck, turn your camera to any mode other than auto, turn the flash off, and look down at the lens and take a picture. If the shutter is functioning properly, you will see a very tiny flicker in the center of the lens as the shutter opens and closes.

Step 1 - Turn the camera on

You will want to turn your camera on and turn off any features that are known to drain the battery of your digital camera. Features like this include the flash and the LCD display. If your camera does not have a viewfinder, however, you will need to keep the LCD display on. If your digital camera is equipped with image stabilization, you will want to turn that off as well.

Step 2 - Camera Mode

To proceed with the shutter repair, you will need to turn the mode dial to any setting except auto. If you are unsure of which mode to switch to, your digital camera should have a manual mode. While in this mode, you will want to take a picture.

Step 3 - Battery Door

After 7 seconds have passed since you took the picture, open the battery door, or cover it for a few seconds and then close it again. Do not turn the digital camera off while you are doing this. The concept behind this idea is to quickly interrupt power during the exposure time. In most cases, the interruption of power will "jog" the shutter open.

Step 4 - Repeat

After completing the above steps, it is possible that the shutter may still be stuck on your digital camera. It is recommended that you continue to repeat the above steps until the shutter is no longer stuck. You may have to repeat this process five times, or even twenty times. It completely depends on the make and model of your digital camera, and how badly the shutter is stuck and/or damaged.

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