Pinnacle Studio: How To Reset Trimmed Clips

You can quickly and easily reset trimmed clips in Pinnacle Studio. If you change your mind directly after trimming a clip, you can click the Undo button or press Control and Z on your keyboard to reset trimmed clips. If you perform a different action after trimming a clip, you will need to use one of the below options to reset trimmed clips.

Resetting Trimmed Clips

Pinnacle Studio gives you two options for resetting trimmed clips. The first option is to click and drag the right edge of the clip you wish to reset. You will need to continue to drag the clip until it stretches no further on the Timeline. Once you have completely stretched the right edge of the clip, release your mouse and the clip will reset.

The second option is to open the Clip properties tool. The Clip properties tool is located in the Video toolbox. In order to access the Video toolbox, you need to have the Movie Window opened in Edit mode. The Video toolbox button is located at the top left of the Movie Window. With the Clip properties tool open, drag the trim calipers all the way to the end of the clip.

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