Photoshop Troubleshooting: Fixing the Background Gap

Photoshop Troubleshooting can be confusing at times because there are so many different things that could be wrong. If you are working with continuous backgrounds then any gaps between the images can be distracting.

There are a number of things that you can do to remove these gaps in-between the backgrounds and make the whole thing look much more professional.

1. Merging Layers

If the image that you're working with has multiple layers then you will need to first flatten the image. Merge all of the layers down so that your image is flat. Click Layers, Merge Layers down.

2. Applying the Offset Filter

Select Filters, Other, Offset Filter. This will bring up a new popup where you should select the wrap around option. Set the width to half of the images width and then apply the filter.

3. Fixing the Seams

Now the middle section of the image will be made up of the two edges. Use the rubber stamp tool to fix the seams so that the image fits properly.

4. Re-applying the Offset Filter

Once you have finished fixing the seams you should re-apply the offset filter again for a second time, again entering only half of the width of the image. This will get your original image back.

Now the image should match properly when used as a continuous background without any annoying gaps.

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