Manipulating Type in Photoshop

Manipulating images is much easier than manipulating type in Photoshop.  So when you want to add some drama to your text, you can transform it as you would an image.

Step 1 - Type

Determine what it is you want to write.  You will need to be 100% sure about this because you will not be able to change it after this step.  Check your diction and spelling before moving on.

Step 2 - Create a shape

The text tool in Photoshop is relatively limited.  So in order to transform your type freely, convert it into a shape.  Go to "Layer", "Type". and click "Convert to Shape".  Now you can manipulate the text easily by going to "Edit", "Transform", and using the "Perspective" tool.

Step 3 - Cleaning up

You may have noticed that after you made the text into a shape, it looks a bit messy.  This is not a problem because you can now fix it.  What you are seeing is the shape path, and to get rid of it, go to "Layer", "Rasterize", and "Shape".  Now your text should look possibly even cleaner and crisper than it was originally.

Photoshop is imaging software so editing text is not the simplest task.  Converting type into a shape bridges this discrepancy.

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