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Camera Troubleshooting: When the Camera Won't Transfer Images

If your camera won't transfer images, then camera troubleshooting can be very frustrating. You will need to try and get to the bottom of the problem so that you can fix it and start...[more]

How to Fix a Blue Screen Memory Dump

A blue screen memory dump is an error screen that comes up just before the system gets rebooted, because the operating system is no longer able to function properly due to a variety of...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Reset Trimmed Clips

You can quickly and easily reset trimmed clips in Pinnacle Studio. If you change your mind directly after trimming a clip, you can click the Undo button or press Control and Z on your keyboard...[more]

How to Reset the Avid Timeline Start Timecode

Avid users can sometimes become bewildered by the timeline start timecode. Depending on your version of Avid, the default starting timecode for a sequence can be one of many things, but it is rarely ever...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Modify Sequence Timecode

If you are working on your film in Final Cut Pro, you may need to modify the timecode, particularly when you are working on sequential clips. Modifying the timecode is not actually a difficult process...[more]

Timecode in Final Cut Pro

In video editing, a timecode is a special signal that is recorded with your video that provides a unique identifier for every frame on a videotape by creating a timestamp in hours, minutes, seconds and...[more]

Final Cut Pro: 3 Tips for Modifying Transitions in the Timeline

When you are customizing your movie, it is tempting to put in a number of transitions which will affect the way that the movie is shown on the screen or monitor. The work on transitions...[more]

Fixing Photoshop Layer Mask Problems

A Photoshop layer mask is used for the seamless combination of more than one image. Problems encountered when using a layer mask can be rectified through some simple actions. The following are some steps to...[more]

Changing Fonts in an Avid Bin

Changing fonts in the Avid bin is an option that everyone should be aware of. The stereotypical editor sits in a room all day staring at a screen. The default font setting in an Avid bin...[more]

Compressor: Video Filters

Compressor includes quite a few video filters to select for your files. These filters give you flexible options as you get your files ready for output. You can preview your files for any color adjustments,...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Avoiding Artifacts

Artifacts are aggressive pieces of data compression that gets applied to images, audio and videos. It gets rid of your data that may be too difficult to store in the available data rate. This is...[more]

Compressor: How Long Will My Video Take To Compress?

Apple Compressor now uses optical flow technology that helps reduce encoding time for the video output formats supported by the program. Now, in terms of encoding speed, Compressor is among the fastest programs available. Still,...[more]

Compressor: Third-Party Plug-Ins

Apple Compressor 3rd party plug-ins allow you to expand the capability of the already powerful encoding and compression software by adding support for formats that Apple does not provide, with a standard installation of the...[more]

How To Open Photoshop Layered Files as Merged Files

Photoshop layered files can sometimes be a hassle whenever you are trying to open them in Photoshop. Whenever the pictures themselves are of very high resolution and are complicated files, then they will take awhile...[more]

How to Change Between HDV and DV Recording Format on Digital Video Camera

The ability to shoot HDV on your camera is awesome, but sometimes you want to switch the recording format to DV. There could be a few reasons as to why you may want to do...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Remote Control Settings

The remote control settings allow you to program specific keys to call up certain locations on the disc. The guidelines below will go over how to deactivate certain remote control settings and how to set...[more]

Auto to Manual: Adjusting Light Exposure on Digital Video Cameras

Light exposure is as important to your video images as focus. Underexposed and overexposed images tend to be rejected by audiences as poor videography. You could use the auto exposure adjustment to let the camera...[more]

How to Extend Your Digital Camera Battery Life

There are several things you can do to extend your camera battery. Follow the tips listed below in order to get the most from your camera. If you follow these tips, you are sure receive...[more]

Digital Camera Repair: Troubleshoot Camera Lens that Won't Focus

Every once and awhile photographers need to stop shooting because they need to address a technical issue that has come up. One of those issues can sometimes be a camera lens that won't focus. Before...[more]

Digital Camera: How to Perform Your Own Lens Calibration

The more we use our lenses, the more we need to properly maintain them. One of the most enigmatic camera maintenance procedures is lens calibration. Lenses are optical devices that transmit and reflect light, converging...[more]

Digital Camera Repair: Troubleshooting Camera Zoom Problems

Camera zoom functions enable you to take photos of objects far away from you as if you were standing right next to them. If you ever experience problems with the zoom mode on your camera,...[more]

How To Fix a Broken Camcorder Viewfinder

The viewfinder of a camcorder is the small piece of glass which you look through in order to see what your camera is aimed at. It's an essential part of your camcorder, otherwise you won't...[more]

How To Fix a Broken Camcorder Lens

Most of the time, a camcorder lens cannot be fixed if the glass is broken or damaged. The only thing you can do is replace it. You can visit a camera repair shop to see...[more]

How To Repair a Ballhead Tripod

A ballhead tripod can help you to get some great shots with your camera. However, you may find that over time it could break or need repair of some sort. It can be expensive to...[more]

Digital Camera Repair: How to Replace Camera Flash Capacitor

The camera flash capacitor is charged by the camera's battery so that it can release a sudden burst of electricity to fire the flash. This involves huge voltages, which is why you must be careful...[more]

Digital Camera Repair: How to Replace Camera Bayonet Cup

Camera bayonet mounts speed up the process of changing lenses. Most cameras use screw mounts to hold the lenses in place. However, this is time consuming and can be difficult in some situations. A bayonet...[more]

How to Program Your Digital Camera to Recognize NiMH Batteries

If you find your digital camera is running out of power prematurely, then you might be interested in NiMH batteries. These are advanced, high capacity batteries. They're also light years ahead of standard Alkaline AA...[more]

How to Replace Your Digital Camera Flash Bulb

Like any light bulb, your camera flash bulb can blow at any time. The rest of your camera might be state of the art, but the flash bulb itself is relying on some pretty old...[more]

How to Replace a Spring and Hinge on a Camera Battery Door

The battery door of a digital camera will be opened and closed regularly in order to charge the battery. This can cause it to wear out or become damaged. If there is any damage to...[more]

How to Install Vertical Grip on Digital Camera

Installing a vertical grip on a digital camera is much easier than most people think. The guideline below will go over the steps needed to install the grip. Step 1: Remove the Battery Make sure that your...[more]

Troubleshoot a Faulty Shutter on a Digital Camera

There are times when you may experience problems with the shutter on a digital camera. But, before you go and blame the manufacturer for making a defective product, you should check to make sure you're...[more]

Troubleshoot Problems with Flash on Digital Cameras

A photographer is likely to face problems with flash on a digital camera at some point in his career. The flash on a camera is an incredible tool for the photographer. It has the ability...[more]

Digital Camera Repair: How to Discharge Camera Flash Capacitor

If you need to open your digital camera for any repairs, you will first need to discharge the camera flash capacitor. If your camera is under warranty, it is highly recommended that you contact the...[more]

How to Recover Pictures Accidentally Deleted on Digital Cameras

Loosing a photograph on your digital camera can be very stressful, which is why many people want to learn how to recover pictures. Most digital cameras will use flash memory cards, which work in a...[more]

Quick Shutter Repair: How to Fix a Stuck Shutter for Digital Cameras

Unfortunately, the only real way to get a long lasting shutter repair is to have your camera professionally repaired. The cost for a shutter repair is often quite high, and may even cost more than your...[more]

Troubleshoot a Digital Camera that Says Lens Error on Screen

Lens errors are one of the most common failure modes for digital cameras. You may get a message on your LCD screen that states "E18 Error" or "Lens Error, Restart Camera." Depending on the make and...[more]

Lens Repair: How to Fix a Jammed Camera Lens

Lens repair is one of the most common repairs that has to be performed on digital cameras. Camera lenses can become jammed for a variety of reasons, including some kind of obstruction in the lens...[more]

How to Minimize Scratches on Digital Camera Lens

Camera lenses are expensive and can be permanently damaged by scratches. A scratched lens will affect all the video footage captured with it, because light enters the camera through the lens, where it is then...[more]

Lens Repair: How to Take Scratches off Digital Camera Lens

Removing scratches from your digital camera lens is the hardest lens repair to successfully accomplish. However, there are several do-it-yourself methods available. Some people report success using these methods, and some people do not. The only...[more]

How to Replace a Digital Camera Memory Card Door

If the memory card door of your digital camera has broken off, then this can make using it very difficult. Digital cameras are wonderful because they make taking photographs much cheaper and easier, and while...[more]

When to Forego Digital Camera Repair and Buy a New One

When a car is involved in an accident and it costs more to repair it than it's value is worth, the car is considered totaled and will be sold off to a junk yard. You...[more]

Troubleshoot Non-Retracting Lens Due to Camera Drop

Lens repairs for a camera drop are one of the most common repairs seen by camera shops and digital camera manufacturers. If your lens is not retracting due to a camera drop, the first thing you...[more]

Digital Camera Repair: How to Extract from a Corrupted Memory Card

Recovering photographs from a corrupted memory card can help to save photographs that would otherwise be lost. Many people believe that flash memory cards will last forever. Unfortunately, this is not true. Flash memory cards...[more]

How to Repair LCD Screen on Digital Cameras

If your digital camera is damaged, then it is important to learn how to repair the LCD screen. The LCD screen on your camera is especially susceptible to damage because it's fairly delicate. If it...[more]

How To Fix a Broken Camcorder LCD Screen

If the LCD screen of your camcorder is damaged or broken then it can be virtually impossible to use your camcorder properly. Fixing a broken camcorder screen is actually easy as long as you can...[more]

How To Fix a Hard Tripod Case

A hard tripod case is something that can be difficult to fix if you do not have the proper tools and information. You will find that knowing how to repair your hard tripod case can save you...[more]

3 Steps to Format Your Memory Card for Digital Cameras

There is a huge difference between erasing all the photos on a memory card and formatting it, that most people don't understand. It's a good rule to format your memory cards at least twice a year...[more]

Digital Camera: How to Fix Compact Flash Memory Cards Error

It is not very typical for compact flash memory cards to give you an error. If you do receive an error, it most likely means that a pin within your CF card slot is bent, or...[more]

Digital Camera Care: How to Clean Sand off Your Lens

Whether you own a personal or professional digital camera, digital camera care must be a top priority. Sand granules can cause a lot of damage to the lens of your digital camera, so you'll want to...[more]

How to Save a Digital Camera from Water Damage

If you have accidentally dropped your digital camera in the water, there is still hope that the digital camera will not suffer too much damage if you act quickly. The guideline below utilizes the rice trick...[more]

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