How to Replace a Digital Camera Memory Card Door

If the memory card door of your digital camera has broken off, then this can make using it very difficult. Digital cameras are wonderful because they make taking photographs much cheaper and easier, and while they are great when they work properly, having problems with them can be annoying. The memory card door on your camera is especially susceptible to damage because it is a small plastic door that can easily be broken off if you're not careful.

If the camera memory card door is broken off, it will need to be replaced. Replacing a digital camera memory card door is fiddly, but very easy.

Step 1: Sourcing a Replacement Door

First you need to find a replacement memory card door for your digital camera. This might be difficult, but it should be possible to either find a damaged camera to use as a donor, or to contact companies that specialize in selling replacement parts.

Step 2: Removing Parts

Dismantle your camera so that you can access the memory card door and then remove it. This can be difficult, because there will be small springs that are used to open the door automatically.

Step 3: Replacing the Door

Now replace the memory card door with the replacement part. Tighten the screws up so that the camera is put back together properly.

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