How To Repair a Ballhead Tripod

A ballhead tripod can help you to get some great shots with your camera. However, you may find that over time it could break or need repair of some sort. It can be expensive to replace your tripod every time it has a problem that can be fixed. It is simply a matter of knowing what steps to take so that you will be able to get the tripod up and running again.

Materials Needed

  • Receipt
  • Clip Frames
  • Brass Pin
  • Small Hammer
  • Blunt Nail
  • Sharp Knife
  • Two Bolts and Nuts

Step 1: Check Warranty

If your tripod is under warranty, it is always a good idea to first look for the receipt. If you happen to have your receipt handy and are still under warranty, then you will be able to get it fixed by the manufacturer.

Step 2: Get Parts

You will need to have money put aside if you plan on getting a ballhead as opposed to a pan head. This is because a ballhead is much more expensive. If you do purchase one that is not very expensive, this is because it will not be able to carry much weight. What this means is that if you have a heavier camera and the plastic frames that are around the leg clamps will split. If this has happened to you, then this problem is fixable without having to purchase a new tripod. To save money, you may want to look online for parts for your tripod. However, it is a lot safer to simply call up the manufacturer and have them send you the necessary parts.

Step 3: Start Repair

You will need to first replace the clip frames. From there, you will need to get your brass pin and tap it out using a hammer and a blunt nail. Be sure to use caution with this hammer, as it can easily break the frame if you are not careful.

Preventative Action

Once you have the necessary parts replaced, you will be able to take a few steps that will help to prevent this from happening in the near future. If you look under the rotating clips, you may find that the removable plastic pads are a little too thick. This can be fixed with a sharp knife. Simply shave down a layer or two to help keep from this problem happening again. Should you misplace any bolts, then this can be fixed with a pair of bolts and nuts.

It is always a good idea to think about the weight of your camera and if it goes with your tripod.

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