How to Program Your Digital Camera to Recognize NiMH Batteries

If you find your digital camera is running out of power prematurely, then you might be interested in NiMH batteries. These are advanced, high capacity batteries. They're also light years ahead of standard Alkaline AA cells that you might currently be using.

Modern digital cameras use a lot of power. This means that many people opt for cameras with rechargeable batteries. These are, however, more expensive. A cheaper alternative would be to choose a camera which uses AA or AAA batteries. Popping a few NiMH batteries in your camera should greatly extend the life of the battery pack.

Step 1: Choosing Compatible Batteries

Choosing the right batteries for your device is very easy. You simply need to take a look at the different types of rechargeable batteries available. If your camera uses AA or AAA batteries, then you can choose NiMH rechargeable batteries. These will last longer than other types and are well suited to use in digital cameras.

Step 2: Charging

Unless you brought pre-charged batteries, you will need to charge them. These normally come with their own high speed charger to speed up the process.

Step 3: Installing the Batteries

Once the batteries have been fully charged, they should then be removed from the charger. At this stage, remove the old single use batteries from the camera and replace them with the rechargeable batteries. Your camera shouldn't even notice the difference, as no programming is required.

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