How to Minimize Scratches on Digital Camera Lens

Camera lenses are expensive and can be permanently damaged by scratches. A scratched lens will affect all the video footage captured with it, because light enters the camera through the lens, where it is then projected on the image sensor. In order to make your lenses last as long as possible, you need to take proper care of them by minimizing the scratches that occur over time. Here's how.

Use Lens Caps

Lens caps were created to protect lenses, and you should use them properly. There are two parts of the lens to cover: the outward part that faces the subject, and the inward part that connects to the camera. Using the lens caps when the lenses are not in use will prevent them from being damaged.

When lens caps are not in use, they should be kept in a clean area. After all, the whole point of using them is to protect the lens from dirt. Placing a dirty lens cap over a clean lens defeats its purpose. You should also cover the lens when it is attached to the camera and not in use. This way, you minimize the risk of a foreign object hitting the lens and scratching it.

Blow Air on the Lens

Scratches can be caused by dust that you have trouble seeing. When your lens is in use, it's a good habit to blow compressed air on to the lens so it is always free of dirt. You can buy compressed air in a can at any photography shop. Remember, not only can dust potentially scratch your lenses, but it will also appear in every one one of your photos if you don't get rid of it.

Clean Your Lenses Regularly With Only Proper Cleaners

In addition to dust, it is possible to for dirt to appear on lenses. You should get into the habit of regularly cleaning your lenses to make sure that these dirt deposits don't build up and scratch the lenses. Use only approved lens cleaners purchased a photography shops. Using non-approved household cleaners can lead to your lenses becoming permanently damaged.

Sometimes a stubborn piece of dirt might make its way onto your lens and be a real pain to remove. If this happens, then you need to buy a special cleaning brush from the camera shop to remove it. When using the brush, gently try to remove the dirt. Using too much force could result in a scratched lens.

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