How to Install Vertical Grip on Digital Camera

Installing a vertical grip on a digital camera is much easier than most people think. The guideline below will go over the steps needed to install the grip.

Step 1: Remove the Battery

Make sure that your digital camera is off and remove the battery. To do this, you will just need to use your finger to open the battery latch, and then turn the camera upside down so that the battery drops out.

Step 2: Remove the Battery Door

At a 45 degree angle, pull the battery door towards the side of the digital camera until it breaks lose. There will be a spot within the vertical grip to store the door. You do not want to lose the battery door, in case you ever decide to remove the vertical grip.

Step 3: Install the Vertical Grip

Insert the vertical grip into the battery compartment of your digital camera. There should be a screw to tighten or compartment to lock so that the grip is held in place. Do not worry about the tripod slots being covered up, as the vertical grip will have its own adapter to replace those slots. Most vertical grips will hold two of the batteries that are specifically designed for your digital camera, or six AA batteries.

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