How To Fix Photoshop 'Scratch Disk Full' Errors

In Photoshop, scratch disk full errors can pop up unexpectedly. The message could mean that one or a number of things have gone wrong.

Step 1 - Check your scratch disk

You will first need to find out what hard drive is set up as your Photoshop scratch disk. You can pull up this information by looking in your Photoshop Preferences. Now, open that hard drive in your desktop. In all likelihood, this hard drive is now extremely full, which is not only bad for Photoshop, but also for your personal storage. Try to clear some space for yourself.

Step 2 - Delete temp files

If you cannot bring yourself to delete any of your files, there may be some Photoshop files that you can erase. Look for any Photoshop temp files that start with "pst" followed by some numbers and then the file extension ".tmp". These are expendable as long as your work is saved.

Step 3 - Assign a new scratch disk

You can also change which hard drive you want set as your scratch disk. Make sure that your new choice has free space then go back to your Photoshop preferences and make the assignment. You can also use multiple hard drives.

When your scratch disk is full it is only a matter of data management to fix it. A little reorganizing should get you back on track.

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