How To Fix a Hard Tripod Case

A hard tripod case is something that can be difficult to fix if you do not have the proper tools and information. You will find that knowing how to repair your hard tripod case can save you quite a bit of money. These particular types of cases can be very expensive, and replacing one every time there is a crack in it can become costly.  

What You Will Need

  • Your Tripod Case
  • Work Space
  • Weights
  • Plastic/Tough Strength Glue
  • New Strap

Step 1: Gathering Your Pieces

It is a good idea to get all of your tools and necessary items out and ready for the job before you begin. Choose an area that is well ventilated. You will have to use glue that can have fumes that may bother you. Also keep in mind that the use of the glue can become quite messy. Try to find an area that you can make a mess in.

Step 2: Gluing Cracks

Once you have the area prepared, you will need to check the damage that is done to the case. If the crack is small, then simply apply some glue and give it time to dry. However, if there is a larger crack in the case, then you will need to get your weights out. Apply the glue to the crack and set the case in a way where the weights will be able to push the crack back together. Leave the case like this until the glue has had plenty of time to dry. Use caution whenever you are checking on the status of the glue. If you disturb the crack before the glue is dry, then it could prevent the glue from doing its job. You may want to consider another layer of glue once the first layer has had time to dry.

Step 3: Test it Out

It is a good idea to test out the hard case before you place your tripod in it. The first thing that you should do is simply pick up the case as you normally would. Check the crack and see how the glue is holding up. If the glue seems to be doing its job, then try placing something in the case. Start with light objects and eventually try something as heavy as your tripod. You do not want to put your tripod in the case until you are sure it will hold it.

Step 4: Broken Strap

If the strap breaks on your hard tripod case, then you will find that this is an easy fix. Look around for any gym bags or other cases that you may have that you do not use anymore. Simply unhook the straps and test them out on your tripod case. Make sure that the new strap is sturdy and reliable. Adjustable straps are the best, as you will be able to remain comfortable while carrying such a heavy load. The strap should be long, as a tripod case can be quite heavy and awkward to carry.

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