How To Fix a Broken Camcorder Lens

Most of the time, a camcorder lens cannot be fixed if the glass is broken or damaged. The only thing you can do is replace it. You can visit a camera repair shop to see if there is anything they could do or, more likely, you'll have to contact the manufacturer directly. If the lens is fine but the casing is damaged then you can replace it. But, you're better off going to a professional rather than attempting it yourself because you do not want to cause any more damage. 

Lens damage can range from a little chip to a large crack. On consumer camcorders, lens damage can mean that you might have to replace the entire camera. With professional cameras that employ interchangeable lens, a small chip could end up costing more than a brand new car. So, the best way to fix a broken lens is to prevent it from happening.

Use Filters

Filters screw over our lenses and are a lot cheaper to replace if damaged than a lens. It's a good habit to always use them as they not only protect your lens but also improve your images too. A UV filter is a great one to use. They're designed to absorb UV light and if they get damaged they are relatively inexpensive to replace. Out of all the filters you can buy these are generally the least expensive.

A polarizing filter is also great to get into the habit of using. Polarizers are designed to eliminate reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass and water. The rest of your image will remain unaltered so in most situations it's an improvement to what you're shooting. Always use a filter when shooting because if something bad happens to it, it's a lot cheaper to buy another one than it is to replace a lens.

Other Preventive Measures

Because lenses can't really be fixed there are other ways to prevent them from being damaged besides using filters as a shield. When a lens is not being used it should always be covered with lens caps. Lenses should also be hit with a blast of air to keep them dust free every so often when you're shooting. You should also store lenses in a hard case when they're not being used as that would provide them some extra protection from accidents due to gravity. When carrying lenses you should always walk instead of running because one small trip can become a multi thousand dollar accident.

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