How to Extend Your Digital Camera Battery Life

There are several things you can do to extend your camera battery. Follow the tips listed below in order to get the most from your camera. If you follow these tips, you are sure receive the most time possible, allowing you to take more pictures.

Reviewing Pictures

Wait until you have the photos on your computer before you view them. Scrolling through all of of your pictures will drain the battery very quickly. Scrolling through the pictures requires the camera to "think" and reduces camera life.


If you turn the LCD off and use the optical viewfinder, you will find that that you get much more battery life. The LCD tends to take more of your camera battery than any other function on the camera. Every time that you use the LCD on your camera, you are shortening the battery life.


Take the time during the day to recharge whenever possible. If you are somewhere that has an outlet, charge the batteries. Even a 15 minute charge can give you another hour or so of picture taking. It only takes a normal camera 1.5 hours to fully charge so 15 or 20 minutes can charge a battery by almost 25%.

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