How to Change Between HDV and DV Recording Format on Digital Video Camera

The ability to shoot HDV on your camera is awesome, but sometimes you want to switch the recording format to DV. There could be a few reasons as to why you may want to do this. Maybe you're working with old equipment that can't handle HD, perhaps you want to save money, or you might just not be able to get your hands on HDV tapes. Whatever your reason might be, the process for going HDV to DV is simple and painless.

How to Change

Turn your camera on and make sure that it's in record mode. Open the tape compartment and place your DV tape inside. The next step is to go into your camera's menu, select "recording format," and choose "DV." Exit the menu, and now, you're ready to shoot. If you want to go back to the HDV format, simply repeat these steps.


All cameras are different, but if you're experiencing problems when trying to switch to DV, then consult the owner's manual that came with your camera. The important thing is not to get frustrated. It is possible to change recording formats; you just have to navigate the menu.

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