How To Center Prints on the Page with Photoshop 7

In Photoshop 7, you have more control over how you print your images than you had with past versions.  Usually, the print function will automatically center your photo on the page, but in Photoshop 7 you can choose the placement yourself.

Step 1 - Check the size

You need to make sure that the dimensions of your photo will fit on the paper that you are going to print on.  To do this go to "Image" and look at "Image Size".  If the dimensions are in pixels, you can easily switch the display to inches in order to understand it better.

Step 2 - Print Preview

Go to "File" and select "Print with Preview".  The window should show you where your photo will be placed on the page you are printing.  Check your size and rotation settings to get it looking appropriate.

Step 3 - Centering

Go to "Page setup...".  Now you can either turn off or on the "Center Image" option.  With the option on, your image should be in the center of your page.  If the function is off, then you can choose a new placement using the offset boxes.

The print preview function in Photoshop 7 will help you control your end product.  Now you can adjust the placement of your print on the page.

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