How to Care for Your Digital Camera Lens

Digital Camera Lens are expensive and fragile. Because of their delicate nature, they require some proper care. Here are some dos and don'ts to follow when using your lens.

Caring for the Lens

Always be extra careful when handling your lenses. Always hold them firmly in your hands when doing a lens change. When the lens is not in use make sure that the lens caps are on them. A lens that is missing a cap is just asking to be scratched and when a lens is scratched it's ruined. 

Make sure that no one sprays anything near the camera lens because that will make it dirty. Make sure that you have the proper lens cleaning solutions and only use official lens cleaners. House hold glass cleaners should not be used because it will cause streaks and streaks cause poor images.

You should store and transport your lenses in a case or padded bag that will absorb impact damage. You don't want your lenses in a situation where they would be involved in an impact, but if a situation arrises that you don't have control over, you need to be prepared.

Last but not least, never run when you're handling a lens, even if the shoot is waiting for you. Running means that you could trip and fall. Aside from yourself getting hurt, the lens could drop and be destroyed. Never run or rush!

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