Fixing Photoshop Layer Mask Problems

A Photoshop layer mask is used for the seamless combination of more than one image. Problems encountered when using a layer mask can be rectified through some simple actions. The following are some steps to fix Photoshop layer mask problems. You will need:

  • Computer
  • Photoshop software program

Step 1: Check the Color Mode

Check the color mode on the image you want to manipulate. This step is important, as not all of the commands you use with Photoshop tools will work for all image modes.

Step 2: Restore Default Settings

Restoring default settings can be useful with layer mask problems. You can restore the default settings two ways. If you have Photoshop 6 or higher, go to the options bar and click on the tool icon and then choose "Reset Tool" (to reset a single tool) or "Reset All Tools" (to reset all photoshop tools).

In ImageReady, you can reset the layer mask tool by clicking on "Edit" followed by "Preferences" and then "General". You will then choose "Reset All Tools".

Step 3: Reset Preferences

Resetting preferences can help if restoring defaults settings do not work. With Photoshop 6 and higher or Photoshop Elements, the directions are to hold down CTRL, ALT and SHIFT directly after or during opening Photoshop. When prompted, if you want to delete the preferences, click "Yes".

In Photoshop 5 or 5.5, you need to locate specific files in the Settings folder in the installation folder. The files you need are "Color Settings" and/or "Adobe Photoshop 5.0 Prefs". To reset the preferences, you can either rename or delete the files.

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