DVD Studio Pro: Remote Control Settings

The remote control settings allow you to program specific keys to call up certain locations on the disc. The guidelines below will go over how to deactivate certain remote control settings and how to set other remote control settings. Depending upon which version of DVD Studio Pro you have, the menus mentioned below may be in different locations. You may need to refer to the help index of your version of DVD Studio Pro if you cannot locate the menus that are mentioned throughout this guide.

Deactivating Remote Control Settings

When you have the outline tab open, you will be able to select specific tracks. The changes that you make to the remote control settings will only effect the specific track that you have selected. To change the settings on your other tracks, you will have to select that track from the outline tab and repeat the process noted below.

When you have the track selected, you will need to select the user operations tab. You will see a variety of remote control settings displayed, including playback control, stream selection, menu call, and button. You will also see a button to enable or disable all. It is not recommended that you disable a remote control setting just because you do not understand what it does. There is really no need to disable any of the remote control settings, unless you definitely know that you do want the user to be able to press a certain button. Many people only press the most basic buttons on the remote control, such as forward, reverse, play, and pause.

Setting General Remote Control Settings

When you have the content tab open, you will be able to select the disc icon. The disc icon should be the first icon in the list. With the disc icon selected, you will be able to to set various DVD remote control settings. With the general tab selected in the disc inspector, you will see a remote control menu. This is where you can set the default choices for the most common DVD remote control buttons, which are title, menu, and return. It is recommended that you always set the title remote control settings.

When you have the general tab open, you will also see a stream menu. If you have created streams in your movie project, you can change the remote control settings for audio, angle, and subtitle. Unless you plan on constantly changing the streams using the DVD remote control, it is not recommended that you activate these settings.

Setting Menu-Shortcut Remote Control Settings

You should still have the disc icon selected from the contents menu. Instead of clicking on general, you will now click on advanced. This is where you can set your menu-shortcut remote control settings. Some DVD remote controls will have buttons labeled angle, chapter, audio, subtitle. These buttons are shortcuts to menus that are in a DVD. If you have set up specific menus in your project, these remote control buttons will automatically jump to those menus when pressed.

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