Do-It-Yourself Digital Camera Repair: Replacing LCD Screens

Typically, digital cameras have an LCD Screen through which you can view youth photos. There are a lot of advantages in having an LCD screen. The LCD screen allows you to view pictures immediately after you take them.  A camera's LCD is also a very thin device that can get broken easily. If it isn't handled the right way, it is possible for the LCD screen to crack or break down completely. When your camera's LCD is broken, you'll typically need to replace the LCD completely. 

Step 1 - Check the LCD Screen and LCD Backlight

Before you get into the process of repairing your camera LCD screen by yourself, you need to first ascertain if it is only the LCD that is broken or of it is the LCD backlight that is broken. This way you can be sure of what you have to replace.

Step 2 - Remove the Battery

Remove the battery so that it does not cause a short circuit. Remove the screws on all sides of the camera so that it can be opened up. Once opened up you can see the LCD screen. Next, slide out the tongue extending from the backlight or LCD package very carefully. In some camera models, you have to poke the tabs that hold the LCD in place until it is separated from the backlight. However, while you do this, you should also ensure that the LCD is connected to the camera through a ribbon cable. In other cameras, you need to unclip one of the ribbon cables holding the LCD to remove it. 

Step 3 - Connect the New LCD Screen

After removing the LCD connectors, replace the broken LCD with a new LCD. Connect the LCD to the backlight and mount this assembly back into the camera. Screw the camera case back into the camera. Connect the camera's battery back to the camera.

Step 4 - Safety Precautions

When opening up a camera for repair, you might get an electric shock. This is because a digital camera comes with a Flash Capacitor. This device contains energy from the camera's batteries, which is used to power the camera's flash. It is important to follow the right instructions on how to drain the capacitor of its energy before you carrying out repairs safely.

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