Digital Camera Care: How to Store Your Digital Camera When Not in Use

If is very important to use good digital camera care when it is not in use. This will lengthen the life of the camera and prevent it from aging too quickly. The tips listed below will help you keep your camera in good working condition.

Store Away from Heat

Do not place your camera near a stove, microwave or other heat source. The heat may damage the lens of the camera or even render the camera inoperable. Put the camera in a closet or dark room so that the sunlight will not damage the camera.

Do Not Store in Your Car

While it may be available when you need it, the camera will be greatly damaged if left in too harsh of conditions. The car can get very cold or very hot. This may ruin your digital camera.

Cover It

Most cameras come with a carrying pouch. Store the camera in this pouch at all times when not in use. If the camera is dropped, the impact will be mainly on the pouch and not on the camera. If you have lost the pouch, you can buy others at a camera store or even store the camera in a sock.

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