Digital Camera Care: How to Clean Sand off Your Lens

Whether you own a personal or professional digital camera, digital camera care must be a top priority. Sand granules can cause a lot of damage to the lens of your digital camera, so you'll want to remove them as soon as possible. One thing to keep in mind is to never use canned air to clean your lens, as it can cause damage due to the high pressure.

Step 1: Gently Blow on Your Lens

Before you beginning cleaning with a cleaning product, you will want to gently blow on the lens of your digital camera to remove any dust or sand particles.

Step 2: Microfiber Cloth

You can purchase microfiber cloths that are specifically designed for cleaning digital cameras. Using the cloth, gently wipe your lens to remove any lose sand granules. Use a brand new cloth each and every time you wipe off your digital camera lens. Do not use microfiber cloths that are designed for eyeglasses.

Step 3: Lens Cleaning Fluid

Take out a brand new microfiber cloth and squirt lens cleaning fluid, that is designed specifically for digital cameras, onto the cloth. If there are any sand granules that were not removed with the microfiber cloth, the lens cleaning fluid will help to knock them lose. Never squirt lens cleaning fluid directly onto the lens of your digital camera.

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