Digital Camera Care: Clean Your Digital Camera in 3 Steps

When it comes to digital camera care, you will eventually develop your own routine. Incorporating or building upon a few of general practices can go a long way in preserving the life of your camera.

Step 1: Pick a Good Spot

First and foremost, make sure you pick a good spot. Somewhere that's climate controlled and indoors is preferred, especially for when you open the camera up. This allows you to get to the dirty areas, but you could also be introducing the inner workings to the elements.

Step 2: Turn Off Camera

Next make sure the camera is turned off, unplugged and memory cards are removed before taking out batteries. It is possible to damage either the camera or the storage devices from a small power surge.

Another precaution for the lenses: never ever touch the lens of a camera with your bare finger. Doing this transfers the oil from your hands onto the lens which can cause more problems.

Step 3: Clean the Camera

Using a micro fiber cloth helps to pick up dust and other debris in and on your camera, without the use of harsh chemicals.

If you use your camera a lot, you should get it cleaned by a professional every so often.

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