Compressor: Video Filters

Compressor includes quite a few video filters to select for your files. These filters give you flexible options as you get your files ready for output. You can preview your files for any color adjustments, noise reductions, brightness or contrast. The best way you will know which filter to apply is to look at your files and listen to them. Then, you can decide the outcome based on what you see and hear. There are three filters in the Filters panel: one for the video filters, one for the audio filters and a tab for the color adjustment for the output files. A few of the video filters you can use are listed below with a brief explanation of each.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Compressor

Step 1: Select Filter Type to Work With

Open the Inspector's panel and select the Video tab.

Step 2: Select Filters to Apply and Adjust

Select the filter you will be using by placing a check mark in that filter's box. You will have to remember to deselect that box if you no longer wish to use that particular filter. Use the controls to make your adjustments. When you are done, select Accept.

Here is an explanation of some video filters and what they do:

Black/White Restore

This filter will restore the nearly black colors to plain black and nearly white colors to plain pure white. This will not affect any other colors in the rest of he image. This filter will compress the solid black and white areas better. This setting can be made between 0 and 100 for both colors.

Brightness and Contrast

This changes the color value of your output file to either a brighter level or a darker one. Settings are between -100 and 100 for both options. 

Fade In/Out

This filter will add a dissolve to a matte color and from a matte color when the clip begins and when it ends. The fade in/out duration sets the fade in/out length. 

Gamma Correction

As with a digital camera or personal computer, the gamma filter controls the brightness of an image as it will be displayed on a monitor. It can remove details from under exposed files without wiping away too much of the image. 

Noise Removal

This filter helps to reduce random background or unnecessary noise in the file. The noise filter will let you blind the areas of low contrast and make the higher contrasted areas sharp. This is not something you can see visibly, but it makes the final compressed media better especially with live video.

Sharpen Edge Filter

The sharpen edge filter will enhance the image contrast around the edge of the objects. You can select a number setting between 0 and 100.

Note: These are just a few of the video filters you can use to sharpen your image or video quality. Other features are available as well. It is advised when using these filters that you play your media from the beginning to the end to ensure quality all the way through. You will want to make sure your filters were applied correctly and in the right places in the media.

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