Changing Fonts in an Avid Bin

Changing fonts in the Avid bin is an option that everyone should be aware of. The stereotypical editor sits in a room all day staring at a screen. The default font setting in an Avid bin is not necessarily the easiest on your eyesight. You may find yourself squinting and leaning close to the screen when you are looking for clips. Not only does this stress your eye muscles, but it often leads to a headache. All of this can be avoided.

Step 1: Change the Font

The default font in Avid is Arial. Though this is commonly accepted as the most legible font, everyone is different. You may find another font that is clearer for you, or you may just want something less boring. Open a bin in your project. With the bin selected, go up to "Edit" and select "Set Font". A small window will pop up with a drop down that should currently say "Arial". Click on the drop down to be presented with a long list of fonts. Select which font is best suited for you; it may be a tedious process going through all of them to find the perfect one. But, if it eases your editing experience, then it will be worth the time.

Step 2: Change the Size

Once you have selected a font, bring up the "Set Font" window again. Now, look at the number next to the font name and notice that the default setting is a 10. To change the size of the font, simply type in a new number. A higher number will give you a larger font. However, you will need to find a balance. The larger the font gets, the more you will have to scroll from side to side to get all the information when in brief or text view. When in frame view, the clip name could get cut off if the font is too large for the entire name to fit under the tile. So, though you will be easing the strain on your eyes as you increase the font size, you will need to keep other considerations in mind.

Step 3: Setting a Default

You will need to repeat the above two steps for each existing bin in order to get the same settings. But, you can also set these settings as a default for any new bins that you create. Select the bin that you are happy with and adjust the shape and position of it to an organized state. Click on "Toolset" and select "Save Current". Now you will always be presented with the font settings of your choice.

Though the font in your bins may seem like a trivial setting to be worrying about, it could easily affect your editing experience. Keeping your eyes relaxed will not only help you get through the day, but will also increase their life-long longevity.

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