PSP Tutorial: Paint Shop Pro Interface Presets

One of the most useful interface presets you can have for Paint Shop Pro and similar programs are presets for plug ins, which will be discussed in this PSP tutorial. Plug ins come in a number of types for a vast array of uses. For the most part, they are effects created either by Coral for Paint Shop Pro or by third party users, effects that do not ship with Paint Shop Pro. These effects can be found in a number of places, and need to be installed properly if they are to be used.

Step 1 - Creating a Plug in Folder

Choose a folder where you want to save your plug ins. This folder can be anywhere on your hard drive, though it is best to keep it close or even within Paint Shop Pro's actual library of effects, tools, and other presets. Where ever you decide to create this folder, be sure that it has a very clear name, and be sure that you remember exactly how to navigate back to it later. Until you are finished with this tutorial, you are best off writing the actual location down so you don't lose the folder, especially if you are placing it near the other effects and presets.

Step 2 - Setting Your Plug ins Folder

You will need to manually set the folder for your Paint Shop Pro plug ins, so Paint Shop Pro knows where to look for them. Open up Paint Shop Pro, go to the File drop down menu and click Preferences. For Mac users, preferences is in the drop down menu from the title of the program, listed in bold print next to the File drop down menu.
From your Preferences, select File Locations, and a new dialogue box will open up. On the left, click Plug Ins and on the right side click the add button. From here, you can navigate your computer files until you find the folder that you created in Step 1 for your Plug Ins and select it.

Step 3 - Restart Paint Shop Pro

Once you've selected the folder for your plug ins, you'll need to restart Paint Shop Pro for it to read your plug ins folder. Only plug ins that are in the plug in folder when you start Paint Shop Pro will be available to you, so make sure that when you add plug ins after the program starts that you want to use immediately, you need to start the program over again.

Step 4 - Finding Plug ins

There are many plug ins available for you to create a multitude of effects and actions. However, not all plug ins can be used specifically in Paint Shop Pro. For example, a plug in created specifically for Photoshop may not work properly or at all when loaded as a plug in for Paint Shop Pro. Of course, some may work anyway, and you won't know until you try. Also, there are tutorials out there on how to make foreign plug ins work for Paint Shop Pro.

To find plug ins, you can do a general web search for the word "plugins" with the phrase "Paint Shop Pro." You will likely find web pages fairly quickly devoted entirely to Paint Shop Pro plug ins. You can also do similar searches for plug ins that create specific effects.

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