Wildlife Photography Equipment: 5 Essentials

Shooting wildlife photography is like going camping; you spend a lot of time and effort traveling away from civilization just to be alone with the wilderness. Because it's based upon naturalism, the wildlife photography equipment list is very small. But, each piece serves an important purpose where, without it, you photos will come out disastrous and your safety may be compromised. 

1. SLR Camera

Because you're making the effort to travel to shoot wildlife, you need a great camera. SLR digital cameras are quality cameras and will help you achieve your goal of great photos. They're small, lightweight and have superb resolutions. What makes them really great is their ability to support interchangeable lenses. With a SLR camera, you can change a lens in less than 30 seconds.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos:

2. Wide Selection of Telephoto Lenses

The majority of animals are scared of humans. And, you want to stay away from the ones that aren't because they're dangerous. To ensure that you get great shots without getting hurt, you need telephoto lenses to bring you close to the action without being there. You want the change the lenses to compensate for distance rather than zooming, because you'll have a much greater depth of field.

When you arrive to your location, you should find the highest point on the ground to set up your camera if the weather permits. This way, you have the best view. If the sun is really intense, then you may want to set the camera up under a tree for shade. Either way, most animals you see will be far away from you, so you should be ready with the camera.

3. Zoom Lens

Although you would prefer to change the lens rather than zooming, sometimes there is too much action going on for that. When you need to focus the attention quickly and the action is constantly moving, then you need a zoom lens to help you keep up. After all, you came all this way for great shot. Take as many as possible.

Popular Lenses:

4. Tripod

Since you're using telephoto lenses to capture animals at a long distance, the slightest movement can cause you to lose the subject. Use a tripod that you can easily pan, tilt, and lock to follow the action. You'll be a lot more productive because of it.

5. Reading Material

Because most animals don't like humans, you need to find an area to set up and stay there. You need to be quiet and not draw any attention to yourself. It could take hours for something to walk into your range. Be alert, but also bring something to help pass the time and boredom. However, don't miss a shot.

Popular Tripods: