Wildlife Photography: 3 Reasons a Small Camera Is Best

When choosing a camera for wildlife photography, you need it to meet these requirements: it needs to capture high resolution images in amazing colors, while having the ability to swap lenses. Once you found a few cameras that can do this, try to pick the smallest one. Why is the smallest camera the best? Here are 3 reasons:

1. You Need to Carry It

Wildlife photography requires you to leave civilization and go off into the wilderness. Whether you like this or not, hiking is a big part of the process. You need to pack wisely and choose only what you will need. You're going to appreciate the forethought after hiking for a few miles. Lenses are made out of glass and are pretty heavy. You're going to need them, and there is no way around it unless you want the quality of your work to suffer. So make you're life easier and get the smallest camera you can to reduce the weight of your pack. 

Also, keep in mind that after you hike six miles into the woods and spend seven hours shooting, you need to hike another six miles to get back to your car. You're going to burn a lot of energy that day; be wise and don't make it any harder than it needs to be.

2. The Size of the Camera Affects the Size of the Tripod

There is no way around not taking a tripod with you. You're using long lenses and need to keep the camera steady. The slightest movement will cause you to lose your subject and miss the shot. Heavy cameras require large tripods to support them, whereas a small camera can be supported with a light weight aluminum tripod. That takes a huge load off your back.

3. It's Easier to Run to the Action

Wildlife photography can be both boring and stressful. You can spend hours without seeing anything interesting and then BAM! You're overwhelmed. You might have to chase after the action to get the perfect shot. You're going to get there a lot quicker with a small camera and light weight tripod. You don't want to be slowed down by your equipment when it could have been prevented.

A small camera is best to have in wildlife photography because it will make the equipment load you're carrying lighter. It will also make it faster for you to chase after some action, whereas a large camera would just be holding you back.

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