When to use a Fill Flash

Most people use the flash on their camera as the main light source for a photo, however, this isn't actually what a flash is designed to do. A flash is much too small to be any real benefit as the main light source of a photo. In complete darkness, the flash will normally be able to highlight the subjects as long as they stand close enough to the camera, however, it will leave the background in darkness.

How to Use Fill Flash

Your camera will be configured to use the flash as the main light source, which is what the majority of people want from a flash. In order to use a fill flash, you will need to change your flash mode; this can be done by pressing the lightening bolt button on your camera and cycling through the different modes available. Take a look in your instruction manual to find out which symbol means that you are in the fill flash mode.

A diffuser can be placed over the flash to improve the effectiveness of your fill flash by reducing the light output. The diffuser will soften the light from the camera.

When to Use Fill Flash

The fill flash should be used when you wouldn't normally think of using a flash. In daylight, for example, a fill flash can help to eliminate shadows under eyes and also improve the quality of your photos.

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