What to Look for When Choosing Wedding Photography Packages

There are so many wedding photography packages to choose from that the couple may find it challenging to settle down on one.  Couples are advised to meet with several photographers and see what each one has to offer. The most suitable candidate should be able to understand what the couple is looking for and provide the necessary service for what they have paid for. Here are a few factors couples should consider when comparing packages.

1. Price
Approximately 20% of the budget should be allocated for the wedding photography package. The price can be a major factor but should not be the most important. Couples will receive the product and service that they paid for. As an event that happens once in a couple’s life, it is recommended that they find the best photographer and package that they can afford within the budget. Some factors that can change the fees include the location, available time, distances between multiple locations, weather and the number of guests. Be sure to inform the photographer about these to determine whether it can affect the final price.

2. Services Included
Some of the items included in a wedding package are the photo album, number of photographs or proofs and the enlargements. Couples can choose from a variety of album types to suit their need and budget or choose to make their own for a cheaper price. Photographers can choose to hold on to the originals and have the couple order reprints or surrender them to the couple for a much larger cost.

3. Styles
The style of the photography varies for different photographers. Couples may choose to have photos taken using a traditional, candid or photojournalistic style. A traditional style involves capturing the mood of the event, presented in a romantic fashion. Candid photography involves a more casual feel while the photojournalistic approach tells a story.