What to Look for in an Action Photography Camera

Purchasing an action photography camera is a major purchase. It is recommended that you use a 35 mm digital camera for action photography. When you are purchasing a camera for action photography, you should also pay attention to the focal length and lens speed of the camera. Capturing high quality photos of moving subjects is not easy, but having the correct camera will make your life much easier.

1. 35 mm Digital Camera

In the action photography field, 35 mm digital cameras are the most popular camera because of their portability. You will need to use different lenses depending on what you are shooting, but your digital camera should always be a 35 mm camera.

2. Focal Length

If you are using the recommended 35 mm digital camera for action photography, each 100 mm of focal length equals 10 yards of shooting distance. You should always carry various lenses with you when you are shooting action photography because with action photography, the subject of the photo is always on the move. For example, if you are focusing on football shots, which is a division of action photography, you will need a 300 mm lens if you are shooting from the 30 yard line. Many action photographers like to carry at least two camera bodies with them so they can quickly and easily change the lens that is being used.

3. Lens Speed

The key to being able to obtain great action photography shots is lens speed. When you have a fast lens, you are forced to use a fast shutter speed, which improves the quality of action shots. As a general rule, the camera that you are using for action photography should have a lens speed of at least f/2.8.