What Should the Graduate Wear during their Graduation Photos

There are several things to consider when taking graduation photos. One of the main things is what to wear. Follow the tips below to get quality pictures.

No Patterns

Choose something that does not clash with a background. Something classic and nothing too "loud". Avoid crazy patterns. Now is not the time to experiment with colors and patterns.

Avoid All Black

This is a happy time. Do not wear all black or you will look like you are headed to a funeral. It is alright to wear black pants with a lightly colored shirt, but avoid a long black dress that draws attention away from your face.

Go Formal

Although you will want to look relaxed, you will not want to look too relaxed. Unless you are going for a fun look, avoid flip flops, tank tops and t-shirts. On the other hand, you do not want to look too formal. A stiff shirt, necktie and pleated pants may not show your true personality.

Add Personality

Choose something that is solely you. Perhaps a pin, special hair piece or other article of clothing. These pictures will be remembered for years to come, and you will want something that reminds you of these happy times.

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