What Makes Asian Wedding Photography Different?

Asian wedding photography is different from that of its Western counterparts. The traditions involved in Asian weddings are rich in colors and rituals, dating as far back as 2400 years or more. When documenting an Asian wedding, it is therefore imperative that the photographer chosen has some knowledge or background into the culture of the theme being photographed.

Understanding Asian Wedding Traditions

Weddings with an Asian theme vary immensely depending on the particular cultural background. For instance, Indian weddings involve a lot of festive music, dancing and colorful attires. Compared to Christian weddings that require an invitation to get, Indian weddings are large public ceremonies with as many as 1000 people gathering at one event. In Japan, brides wear purple gowns while the Chinese wear red for good luck. With Indonesian weddings, the guests line up to be greeted before any of the other ceremonies begin.

Importance of Finding the Right Photographer

It has become easier to find one through the help of the internet and other sources. Couples should look for a photographer that has experience in covering Asian weddings and knows the culture. This makes the photographer more aware of what to expect, the gear and equipment needed and which aspects of the weddings should be photographed. Photographers also need to have some photojournalistic skills in order to capture the essence of an Asian wedding, what makes it distinct from those in other cultures,e tc.